Best Portable Massage Table

Therapy Skills is a professional thing however you need the best massage table for accurate and effective treatment. The massage of the body is the most needed thing in the current era. For comforting your body, everyone must need some relaxation from the busy life. You, as a therapist, will see a range of new tables in the market. There are wooden tables, steel tables, and aluminum tables. You have to value your clients for providing your services by picking the top quality portable massage table.

In this buyer’s guide, it is easy to pick the right and the best heavy-duty portable massage tables. The people who are hunting for the best lightest portable massage deluxe table in 2021, then they must know a few things about it. The supreme portable table must be lightweight, durable, at a reasonable price, high-quality grade material, latest design, accurate dimensions, and most important the comfortability.


  • Headrest is detachable for easy carrying.
  • Working capacity is the key
  • Adjustable from 22.8 inches to 33.5 inches


  • Weak carrying bag

Portable Massage Table Buyer’s Guide

A brief introduction about the top-quality portable massage tables gives for your easy selection among a lot of tables. We have discussed everything about their working capacity, their dimensions, and other features. We are going to tell you some more precisely about the right picking of portable massage tables. You have to know, what are your requirements? If you figured it out or not, we are here mentioned everything about the masseuse tables. We know the right selection gives you an effective treatment that worth the money you spend on these tables.

You have to consider the following things before going to buy any massage table:

Width, Length, Height, and Working Capacity:

As we know everyone has their physique, some people are long in height while some are wide in body shape. There is a range of tables ranging from 28 inches to 32 inches wide. Mostly, 28-inches tables are the best but if you are healthy for the home user or your client’s body is thicker as a professional, you must go for the wider one.


On the other hand, the best therapy tables are long from 72-inches up to 84-inches. It depends on the use of the table, as nowadays mostly massage tables have detachable face cradle and its comfortable for massage experience. If you are a professional therapist or clinical expert, then you must go for the longest portable massage table. Conversely, if you want the massage table for your personal or home use, then you need to buy the width and length as per your body as well as your partner’s size. 


Talk about the height of the table its also depends on the massager’s height. Best modern tables are adjustable from 23-inches to 36-inches in height and the massager can easily adjust it as per requirements. Its mean, you don’t worry about the height, with the variety of height regulation feature, these tables are suitably to modify as per massager’s height. Wooden tables have a knob for adjusting the height on the other hand aluminum tables have a push-up button. That’s means, it won’t take much time to adjust the table as per your ease of massage.


Now let us talk about working weight. The nest weight of the table is different from the working weight. Here we are talking about the working weight. For professional massager, we recommend the high working capacity massage tables. As different clients’ weights are different, so you don’t need to worry if you bought a great working capacity table. For the general home user, the working capacity of up to 500lbs is enough, but we again say that it depends on your weight. On the other hand, for professionals, we recommend buying 1000lbs working weight capacity tables.

Net weight is also a must considered before buying any portable massage table. The range is different from the net weight from 25lbs to 45lbs. For travelers, mobile therapists, and professionals who provide services at doorsteps must buy ultra-lightweight portable massage tables. Up to 15kg weight is best for quick packing and carrying the lightweight massage table. It’s also great for home users if they want to pack the table after getting a massage for the next time. If the net weight is light, then it’s comfortable to carry it anywhere. That’s why it’s up to your choice what type of weight table you need to buy.

So, it depends on the therapist’s size, taller clients require a longer and wider table, on the other hand, smaller people need shorter and smaller width table. The same formula applies to the working capacity, as if you are a home user, then you need the table as per your weight as well as of your partner’s weight. Contrariwise, if you are a professional therapist, then don’t go for the low working capacity table. As the client weight ranges differently. You need to buy a high working capacity massage table for long-term and durable use.

The Massage Table Foam Thickness and Upholstery:

Length, width, height, net weight, and working capacity are most important but on the other hand, table foam thickness, and upholstery are equally important. The portable table making companies providing foam thickness from 2-inches to 3-inches. We recommend the high density and thicker foam over the low quality and thinner foam. As you know, the basic target is not the only massage, it’s also to give relaxation to the body. The thicker and durable foam gives more treatment to the body. 

Upholstery is also considered while going to buy a deluxe portable massage table. There are two types of covers for the tables, PVC leather, and PU leather. Remember, don’t go for PVC leather upholstery, as these are no doubt cheaper but feel like plastic. This type of leather is found in cheap portable massage tables. In opposition, PU leather feels like real leather, its skin-friendly and comfortable. These types of tables are a little higher priced but perfect for the professionals. Both types of leather are easy to clean but PU leather doesn’t smell after cleaning. If you asking is both are synthetic? Then the answer is Yes! both the leathers are synthetic, but PU is far better than PVC as PU leather is soft, strong, and durable.

Remember the following:

  • Mobile therapists and massagers must go for an ultra-lightweight portable massage table.
  • Buy PU leather upholstery table for longer use.
  • Working capacity is the key feature.
  • Don’t ignore every dimension like length, width, and height.

Our Top Picks

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10


EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table – Foldable Massage Table
  • Adjust it from 23-inches up to 33-inches
  • 38lbs Massage table is easy to carry
  • The package include a robust nylon carrying case
  • Its hardwood legs never slip
NETGEAR Nighthawk X10


Master Massage Santana
  • Adjustable warming system in a Patented Therma-Top heated massage table
  • 500lbs highest quality table is 84 inches long
  • Working capacity up to 750 lbs
  • Lightweight massage table weighs 37lbs
Asus RT-AC88U Dual-Band


Uenjoy Folding Massage Table
  • Aadjustable from 22.8 inches to 33.5 inches
  • Uenjoy folding massage table is 84-inches long
  • Headrest is detachable for easy carrying.
  • Free carrying case and towel hanger in the portable massage package